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Below, we are going to list all of the resources and links we have used within our research for our project. We link to these throughout our pages here at White Cane Travel, but if you just want to see a list, here it is. The page will be devided up among files posted, and links to external websites. We hope you enjoy what you see, and if something you'd like to see is not here, then Contact us and we'll take a look.


That completes the files that we are hosting.


The links section will have links to various sites in which we have linked to on other pages based on our research. We will also link to sites that sell canes and cane accessories, although it won't be an exhaustive list. If you find a resource that you'd like us to list, please Contact the WCT team so we can add it.

That completes the links section.

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I have started publishing on a site called Vocal. Here, I'll put the list of articles specific to white Cane Travel's topics which include mobility, travel, and other things of that nature which include cane travel. There may be rough drafts of the articles posted to our blog and list, however, the articles may change as its edited, imaged, and spell checked. I do spell check here, but sometimes, a good pair of eyes can spot something the spell checker finds and we can't find it. I hope you'll enjoy the articles listed here.

This completes the articles for now. Hopefully, I'll be writing more soon.

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This site does not endorse any particular product or service linked within these pages. The opinions are those of the people hosting the site. This site is for information and educational purposes only. Please consult a professional mobility instructor if you need immediate assistance with your mobility needs. This site only hosts resources and files that may be of interest in research and educational needs.


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Thanks and acknowledgments

Jared Rimer would like to thank John Field from Wisconsin who got in touch with a mobility instructor named > Stephen McAuliff who is a certified mobility instructor for the State of Wisconsin at > Vision Forward Association. Steve is a > Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.

We'd also like to thank all of the web sites who sell canes and other devices for the blind and visually impaired. Without you, we would not have the awesome technology we have today.