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We currently have 2 donations since this site has opened. Read below on why you might want to donate. We understand that you may not be able to, and thats fine, but if you can, please consider. The work of this site is important to everyone, sighted or blind.

Lets face it. Running a web site is not free anymore like it once was through services that gave you space on their platform to build. I bet you can still find those types of services today, but it isn't common. The domain needed to be baught, space needed to be given for the site, and time and research went in to this project. I hope you get a benefit out of what you have found here. If you have, and wish to donate, please use the Paypal button below to make a one time donation. You can donate as little as a dollar. We would really appreciate it, but it is not a requirement to enjoy the content here.

What would the money be used for? Well, I could send some to the generous person who has graceously spent his time accessing people who has sent information that was a big help to the organization I gave it to which is why this project was built to begin with. That took away time that he could have used to do something else. The money can also help offset costs of web hosting, and time to develop, test, and make sure all links are working. We would also like to use the money for continuing outreach to those who need it, blind or sighted. Newly blind individuals may find this site informational, but the site is geared toward the sighted, as the need is great where drivers are driving and not paying attention to their surroundings, putting disabled individuals as well as their own counterparts at risk. The outreach comes in as advertising costs, which this site would like to do. If this is something that you think was a benefit, and you wish to donate, please press enter on the Paypal button or click it to make a one time donation. If not, thats OK, you can also send us an E-mail letting us know as well.

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Thanks and acknowledgments

Jared Rimer would like to thank John Field from Wisconsin who got in touch with a mobility instructor named > Stephen McAuliff who is a certified mobility instructor for the State of Wisconsin at > Vision Forward Association. Steve is a > Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.

We'd also like to thank all of the web sites who sell canes and other devices for the blind and visually impaired. Without you, we would not have the awesome technology we have today.