Traveling with a cane

"You Shouldn't put your cane by the curb like that," someone said as I put my cane by the curb as taught during my school years. They were concerned that my cane would get ran over by someone who is not paying attention. I explained to the person that this is the way we are taught to get in position for crossing the street. While doing research, I came across a great book which I haven't read all the way through as of yet, but perusing it, I found that it contained more than another site that I found.

An Introduction to Orientation and Mobility Skills by Dona Sauerburger is a great start. I personally thought there was a lot missing, and it is something to peruse. It does link to other things of interest, such as where the training started, and it does talk about the basics in technique. You may find this resource of interest, but I would not just use it alone. I would see if anything on the page is of interest and see if you would get a benefit out of it. It may give you an understanding without reading anything else. I provide it as a resource, in case you would like to read it.

The book CARE AND FEEDING OF THE LONG WHITE CANE: Instructions in Cane Travel for Blind People by Thomas Bickford gets high praise from me. While I have not read this book entirety, I did read this portion of the book (17.6kb) put together by a mobility specialist from Wisconsin In this portion, it talks about walking with someone, and other aspects of using a cane. I will try to get this book read. The Word Document which you can download, may be useful as a basic tool.

Sighted Guide

Vision Aware and NFB may have things on their sites dealing with sighted guide techniques. When asking for material, the same mobility instructor who gave the cane info file above also sent us a 6 page sighted guide PDF file. Sighted Guide Techniques (103kb) is a great document and I read it all the way through. I have found it thorough, and a great read. I really can't say anything bad about this particular document.

Have you found something that you have found valuable that we have missed? Please contact the WCT team and bring it to our attention. It'll get evaluated, and put up here for people to enjoy. Lets work together to give out resources that everyone can use.

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